is a ministry to independent Baptist missionaries serving with
Baptist International Missions, Inc., (BIMI) in Uganda, East Africa. BIMI is registered in Uganda as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) under the name Baptist International Mission of Uganda (BIMU).

CHURCHES: Over 100 independent Baptist churches have been established in this country of over 30 million people. BIMU missionaries are serving in 10 of the largest districts, and churches have been established or are being established in dozens of towns and villages surrounding these areas. Additionally, several national missionaries are beginning new church-planting works in various parts of the country. Yet there are many districts throughout Uganda still without a Gospel-preaching church of any kind.

BIBLE INSTITUTES AND COLLEGES: In order to train nationals and equip them to train others, each of the larger districts have a Bible Institute, and the East Africa Baptist College has been established in the capital city of Kampala to serve the needs of those desiring advanced Bible training. Additionally, several national pastors who have begun churches in other areas have established their own Bible Institute in which they teach classes using the study guides they once used while attending classes taught by BIMU missionaries. Regional pastors' fellowships often see 100 national pastors and preacher boys coming for special modular classes, pastoral training and fellowship.

LANGUAGES: With over 40 language groups, each with their own culture, Uganda is a country greatly in need of missionaries to share the Gospel. Some of these language groups still do not have any portion of scripture available in their language. Others have just received New Testaments in recent years. Some of our missionaries are focusing on Bible Translation work, and nearly all of our missionaries actively work to learn the local language and to translate Bible study materials into that language so that nationals may continue to train other nationals.

ORPHANS: As a result of rebel attacks, inter-tribal fighting, HIV/AIDS, malaria, and other diseases, many Ugandan children have lost both father and mother. BIMI missionaries burdened for these children have been led by God to begin orphanage projects in multiple cities across Uganda. The purpose of these projects is to train orphans so that some will grow up to become church planters and missionaries and that others will become lay leadership in future churches planted by their peers. The G.R.A.C.E. Project, Project H.O.P.E, and S.O.A.P. are three of these orphan projects.

RADIO: Perhaps one of the most efficient avenues for reaching the Ugandan people with the Gospel is Christian Radio. Statistically, every Ugandan home has a radio. Currently BIMI missionaries operate three radio stations in Mbarara (Life Radio), Masaka (Word of Life Radio), and Soroti (Calvary Radio). Together, these three stations can reach over 40% of the nation's population depending on weather and other operating conditions. While a portion of each station's broadcast day includes English preaching and music, an emphasis is placed on the local language group (Runyunkore in Mbarara, Luganda in Masaka, and Ateso in Soroti) as well neighboring language groups to present the Gospel more effectively to the listener. Many visitors attend the local churches as a result of the radio stations. Church-planting is enhanced not only through the evangelistic messages on the radio as souls trust Christ but also through the edification of the Christians in the churches as they listen to clear Bible teaching and God-honoring music in their language.

OTHER MINISTRIES: BIMI missionaries also serve the Ugandan people in other aspects, such as medical ministries, food distribution during famine, primary and secondary education facilities, and more. Each of these ministries exists for the purpose of establishing local independent Baptist churches throughout Uganda. The diversity of languages and cultures, even within this small country, provide countless opportunities for ministry regardless of one's educational background and training. BIMI missionaries in Uganda are also working to prepare the neighboring countries of Sudan and Rwanda for other church-planting missionaries to begin new ministries in those countries.

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